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Welcome to AL-Shmoh Cultural Center

The prosperity and development in the Palestinian society:-Education and technology are our tools Sharing culture and knowledge with other societies all over the world To have better access to positive modernizations...

Tourism Project

Living within Area C of the West Bank, our local communities are seeking local livelihood opportunities which will encourage people to stay on our historic land, share our cultural practices with younger generations,and raise awareness......

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Al Shmoah Kindergarten

Who are we? What are we doing? Since September 2015 the Al-Shmoah Kindergarden, with about 25 children, is working under minimum conditions. Hanan,Wejdan and Rawan started the project responding to the needs of the villages...

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Our Mission

Al-Shmoh Cultural Center's mission is to:

  • Serve 10 Palestinian villages on the southern edge of Bethlehem District.
  • Help Palestinian villager's attain prosperity and peace.
  • Pursue four "H.I.E.R." objectives to improve village life:

Health, Information, Education, and Recreation

Al-Shmoh Center and its partners make our community healthier by:

Recent Events

26 July 2016 Working Camp

18 July 2016 Summer camp

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